Quality: our driving force.


The quality of our product and consequently of our production process is both a goal and a stimulus for continuous improvement. For GeneralMeccanica it is a satisfaction to ceaselessly pursue the twin objectives of optimising efficiency and simultaneously reducing waste. Achieving maximum performance for a work process could be considered as being straightforward, it is certainly more difficult to obtain the same performance while respecting the environment in which we live. 

Safeguarding environmental sustainability has long been an objective at GeneralMeccanica. We now use only eco-friendly products and recyclable materials, we minimise the production of waste materials and where possible we ensure them a second life, we also dispose of oils and special wastes with an eye to nature.

For GeneralMeccanica it is also necessary to ensure the health of the working environment, we have several solutions for noise reduction, air filtration and purification, hygiene and safety.

 To be "Green" ultimately signifies generating the least possible number of waste items. Our production process is entrusted to a quality control manual, an offshoot of the first project created in 1979, which consists of a totally computerised system with established control plans and on-line recording of measurements. In addition, the production process is accompanied step by step by the most advanced three-dimensional measuring systems available that allow each processing step to be controlled and that allows for real-time corrections.