Our Company, from 1973.


The story of GeneralMeccanica began in 1973 thanks to the passion for mechanics of two boys who began working from home with small jobs involving turning by hand and the maintenance of road vehicles.

After 4 years, of the two boys who started out together, only Luciano remained and under his guidance GeneralMeccanica evolved, focusing on bespoke machine tool mechanical machining. This small entity, which had been founded in a basement, quickly grew: the acquisition of new equipment was the order of the day, the work processes increased in complexity and the number of staff soon arrived at 20 employees.

From the cramped room that saw the birth of the company the factory moved to a dedicated space of 700 square metres. In 1989 it moved to the current plant that covers an area of 3000 square meters and that offers everything required in order to carry out the work in accordance with the most recent regulations. We pass for example from the bridge crane, which is essential for the transport of heavy loads, to a brand new highly energy efficient LED lighting system.

The 1980s saw the arrival on the market of the first programmable lathes and drills: initially those that operated with punched tape, then Teletype and then finally CNC. GeneralMeccanica has always been in step with technology: it immediately stepped on board the automation train and has never skipped a single one of these evolutionary steps.

Since the very beginning the race for innovation has always been a key element in the company's corporate policy. Today GeneralMeccanica can boast with pride the purchase of the first counter spindle sliding-head lathe to come onto the market, a technology that marked a turning point for the workshop: this purchase sanctioned the move from craftsmanship to industrial production industry.

By the mid 1980s the work processing cycle had been fully automated and the previous manual machines were used in the construction of tools dedicated to customising the production process with the aim of making it better, ever quicker and more reliable and closer to the needs of the customer.

In the course of its evolution GeneralMeccanica has seen the work become specialised in two distinct areas.

When the first orders came from the medical sector in 1977 work began on producing implantable screws for orthopaedics. Only a few years later the supply of hydraulic lifter units for the piston based elevator sector also began. Since then the company has not stopped supplying these two sectors, acquiring the know-how to meet new requirements and the increasing complexity of the parts requested.

Today, with the expertise gained over the years, GeneralMeccanica can boast of not simply being a supplier for its customers but a partner in the supply chain, capable of offering a variety of services that include, for example, new project optimisation consultation, sample production and testing of new raw materials, passing also to the possibility of managing a warehouse of finished products with production from stock.